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6 Holiday Hazards For Our Pets And How To Avoid Them


You can never be too safe, especially during the holidays. Many things during the holidays may seem harmless because you’re so focused on having a good time. However, many common holiday staples can actually be a hazard for your pet. In this article, you will learn about 6 holiday hazards for pets and how to avoid them. 


  1. Ornaments

Holiday ornaments are typically hung around the holidays to bring in the festive spirit. However, these decorations are often small enough for your pets to ingest quickly. These objects can get stuck inside their throats and block their airways. Furthermore, glass ornaments can shatter and even cut up your pet's insides. Keep these ornaments out of your pet's reach to keep them safe.


  1. Ribbons and Tinsel

Ribbons and tinsel may seem harmless, but they can cause severe damage if your pet swallows them. Cats especially love playing with ribbons and tinsel, and they may even be tempted to ingest them. If your pet consumes these decorations, it can get tangled up inside of them and require surgery to remove them. Avoid hanging ribbons and tinsel too low, and keep them short to minimize the risk of entanglement.

  1. Lights

If you're hanging lights during the holiday season, you must ensure your pet is supervised around them. Remember that these lights are essentially long wires full of electricity. If your pet chews or pees on them, they could get seriously electrocuted. Your best bet to keep your pet safe is to keep them away from any lights unless you're there to supervise them.


  1. Christmas Trees

Christmas isn't the same without a Christmas tree, and you would hate for it to be the reason your pet has to be rushed to the hospital. Many Christmas trees are coated with preservatives to keep them alive throughout the holiday season. If your pet ingests the pines or licks the tree, it could get seriously sick from the chemicals. A good practice to follow is to barricade the Christmas tree so your pet can't get to it.


  1. Cooked Bones

The chances are, your holiday feast is gonna have some chicken or turkey. When chicken and turkey bones are cooked, they become very brittle and break into many sharp pieces when crushed. These shards can cause severe internal bleeding if your pet eats cooked bones. Do not feed your pet any cooked bones, no matter how much they beg for them.


  1. Holiday Treats and Desserts

Many typical holiday treats and desserts contain ingredients that are toxic for pets. Chocolate is an obvious example, but there are many others that may surprise you. Various nuts, such as hazelnuts and chestnuts, can be toxic for some pets if eaten. Furthermore, fruits like grapes and raisins can also be dangerous for your pet to eat.



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