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Why Pets Are Beneficial For Your Mental Health


One of the biggest benefits of being a pet owner is the amazing impact that pets can have on mental health. As of 2017, nearly 20% of US adults faced depression and anxiety, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only increased this. Whether you’re currently a pet owner, or you’re wondering whether getting a pet is right for you, here are some ways in which having a pet can positively impact your mental health:


  • Pets help with depression: Many people who suffer from depression feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness and a lack of comfort and love around them. Pets remind you that you’re not alone, show you unconditional love, and are able to connect with you in a special way.
  • Pets can ease loneliness: Dogs in particular are extremely loyal creatures who look to you as their leader. The days seem easier and less lonely when you have your furry little companion by your side. Sometimes all it takes is a few belly rubs and a nice cuddle with your pet the next time you’re feeling lonely.
  • Pets lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels: Having a pet around can decrease blood pressure, stress, and cholesterol levels. This even leads to less incidents of heart attacks and fewer visits to the doctor! 


Pets decrease stress and increase serotonin: Surprisingly, pets also have a biological impact on people. Pets lower stress, increase serotonin (the “happy chemical”), and raise dopamine levels in people. Playing with your pet is shown to increase feelings of happiness and joy as well.

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Pets are incredible creatures and who can impact those around them in a very positive way. They help with depression, loneliness and raise feelings of happiness and joy with their presence. Make sure your pet stays healthy and lives a long, happy, and healthy life by bringing them to CompleteCare Veterinary Center located in the Staten Island, Brooklyn, and New Jersey areas. As a full-service veterinary hospital, we’re a one-stop shop for all your pet care needs. We offer a variety of services such as wellness care, surgery, dentistry, emergency care, and grooming services. Contact us to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to meet your pet!

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