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How to Get Your Pup to Eat Their Pills


While we humans can readily swallow a bitter pill if it means bolstering our health, our canine friends can sometimes not be as willing. Some pups may be compliant and eat whatever you offer them, but others may put up such a fight that you struggle each and every time. Stay tuned to learn three helpful tips for getting your pup to eat their pills like a pro. 


It can be disheartening when we have to medicate our pets, seeing them go through a time of illness or suffering can be emotionally devastating. But as responsible pet parents, it’s up to us to give our dogs the medicine they need to maintain a healthy and happy life for as long as possible.


Here three helpful tips that assist your ability to deliver your dog’s medication without a hitch:


  • Pill Pockets: A rather ingenious approach to giving your pooch their pills is to simply insert their medication in a pill pocket. These are essentially treats with a pill like indentation for medication. While this is a neat product idea, you can also opt to wrap your pup’s medication in something tasty such as cheese or meat. For pup’s who don’t like to chew their food, this approach can easily become your standard. 


  • Pill Device: For dogs who are less inclined to accept a pill pocket approach, a pill device may get the trick done. In essence, a pill device tool for directly administering your dog’s medication into their mouth. Place the medication behind the hump of your dog’s tongue, and gently rub downward on the throat to encourage swallowing. This process will save your hands the effort and risk of potential biting or nipping. 


  • Get Help: Simply put, some dogs will require extra help to get them to swallow their pills. If you’re able, call up a friend or family member to help you. Two heads are always better than one. 


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